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Youth Elite Soccer is born from my passion of soccer as a religion. Needless to say, I’m tuition free product from college because I got a scholarship to be involved in the world of soccer while in college. That is to my own story an as immigrant buying into the American Dream (in no other country is my story possible). I have been on the four walls of soccer (player, coach, referee, and of course a fan) I have enjoyed the journey and while I am still learning I belief now it is time for me to give back to my community. What better way than to get kids out there active, having fun, and putting smiles and joy on their faces as they exercise.

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Our Goal

Making A difference

The first thing a parent/guardian signing up a kid coming to our program is guaranteed fun (nonnegotiable). This can be achieved by just listening to and kicking the ball around, making new friends and engaging in different activities just so kids can have a forum to express themselves and be given the immediate attention and concern they have.

The main difference between us at YES and the other soccer programs out there is that our ratio of kids to instructors is low which gives a forum for each instructor to know every kid’s name, observe them and build that rapport so no one is left out

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Target Audience 

18 Months And Above

At YES Tots’ classes are organized by our coordinator in the form of age brackets with a maximum of 10 children of the same age group (their classmates or neighborhood friends). We provide experienced coaches who are passionate about soccer and the opportunity to introduce or train your children in the age-appropriate level of soccer best suited to them. 

T1: (18 months -2years)

T2: (2&3 years)

T3: (4&5 years)

T4: (6&7 years)

Private Classes 1 vs. 1 skill and technic classes.

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